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I will be at the Historical Novel Society Conference this June 26-28, which is in Denver this year. I'll have a table set up at the Saturday breakfast where Diana Gabaldon will be speaking. I'll be giving away some T-shirts and water bottles for people who have questions, and some pens and such for anyone interested. Ask the right questions and I'll try to introduce you to Diana!


I am nearly finished with The Attuned; sequel to The Attunement. While The Attunement was about the war on drugs and terrorism in the '80s and early '90s, The Attuned is, sadly, about America losing those wars.

Another novel I've been working on for years, which is a "brief" history of how Texas got its name and the continued efforts to break the state up into smaller states or secede from the US. The story includes families who have ancestors buried in a forgotten cemetery just outside Palo Pinto, Texas.

Also coming soon is another novel that contains logic so precise that it could change the way science fiction is written forever.


Still under the covers are nearly forty other novels. Including the novels mentioned above, I have over forty novels in the works, all of which are in varying stages of completion. Most are just in outline form, but some are more evolved. I intend to stay busy writing long after I retire.

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