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The Attuned continues from the abrupt ending of The Attunement, and chronicles the following months of excursions and investigations. Flights, fights and delights tumble across the Middle East, Europe and Canada in an extended effort to get home–without a passport or any other form of identification. Abandoned in the region where the former Soviet Union had seeped into the Middle East, the future is uncertain, but there are mobs to flee and friends to make. Are locals friendly, or hostile? Historic sites and casinos are distracting and law enforcement officers must be avoided. Finding transportation is challenging but rivers might offer an escape, or deliver death. Forests seem to go on forever and local wildlife might be lethal. And home? After so many months, are the ones left behind still the same people they were?

The Attunement is many things, including disguised history from the war on drugs and terrorism in the '80s and early '90s, a mini sequel to The Scrapbook Lecture, a long overdue goodbye to a friend, and an elaborate "What if…" Comprehensively, the novel is a detailed metaphor for something that nearly everyone experiences. (See if you can figure out what that is?)

Two main characters represent two parts of the US government: The Pentagon and the justice system. One of the characters realizes he has a unique ability to get things done. This ability represents the black hole in the defense industry's budget that few know about. The main characters, like the different parts of the US government, get in each other's way and undermine the other's efforts, sometimes on purpose, but more likely unwittingly.

Eventually, they learn to get along and even help one another (Homeland Security). Together, they inflict enough damage to significantly impede the heavy flow of illegal drugs into America and soon begin working on a plan to refocus their efforts to take out entire terrorist organizations.

The Scrapbook Lecture …a collection of suspects, is a fact-based historical fiction novel that reads more like an adventure story than a history book. Still, a great deal of effort and research went into making sure that all the actual events portrayed in the past are as accurate as possible. While you read, allow yourself the simple luxury of floating through time with a gifted raconteur as he depicts the highlights of a half century of seemingly unrelated events, actions and politics. Some of these events and actions ultimately converge within a few short moments and quite likely change the very course of humanity.

In the year 2038, an old professor at a Dallas university will be giving lectures that many of his students love. His uncanny ability to chauffeur their imaginations throughout history with creative storytelling will make his class one of their favorites. The Scrapbook Lecture is one such class that describes the crucial actions and reactions of a long list of people who should have been, or should be, suspects in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

The old professor's only prop is a 124-year-old scrapbook that a mysterious, lonely woman in the heart of Boston had devotedly composed over the same half century, and eventually passed on to her grandniece.

What happened before November 22, 1963?

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